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Welcome back! I hope you’ve had a relaxing break and are raring to go for the new year. I bet you don’t want to roast a turkey or prep brussels sprouts for some time after all those Christmas lunches you were posting on social media last month! 2017 was such an interesting year. We kicked things off with a rather gloomy outlook on Brexit and food price rises, but also the uplifting news of Pat Fellows earning her MBE. We visited countless schools to see their wonderful catering and innovations, attended conferences and events at Westminster and beyond, on topics ranging from childhood obesity to holiday clubs beyond (see page 46 for the latest debate on sugar). We made more than one appeal on how to get more children to eat their veggies, we examined the new Apprenticeship Standards (which I promise to return to later this year). We hosted an unforgettable EDUcatering Forum where we bashed out lots of ideas for the months ahead. We conducted valuable original research into catering at Multi Academy Trusts and recognised our industry’s stars at the EDUcatering Excellence Awards. And that’s just our bit. Last year the industry suffered the blow of losing the Children’s Food Trust and has fiercely fought to keep Universal Infant Free School Meals. But it has had some great wins. Wages are increasing for staff, training opportunities are improving, National School Meals Week was the best yet (see page 24) and we won the fight for UIFSM. The campaigning never stops. We know that holiday clubs will become a hot topic of discussion this year as the number of clubs increases and the evidence for their requirement mounts. There are also concerns for the eligibility criteria for children receiving Free School Meals through the new Universal Credit system; we eagerly await what happens there. On page 16, meanwhile, Jane Renton speaks to the co-chairs of the School Food Plan Alliance, Jeanette Orrey and the newly appointed Stephanie Wood, about where the actions set out in the plan could now go. And of course, throughout all of this uncertainty, catering teams across the country continue to provide hot, nutritious and tasty meals every school day. What a wonderful workforce and here’s to an exciting year ahead.

  • The Big Interview: Keepers of the Flame

    The Big Interview: Keepers of the Flame

    The School Food Plan Alliance suffered a bitter blow with the collapse of the Children’s Food Trust and losing co-chair Linda Cregan, but will fight on as its work is far from done, its joint heads tell Jane Renton

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  • A week of kitchen superstars!

    A week of kitchen superstars!

    Last month saw a hugely successful National School Meals Week, with Michelin-starred chefs offering work placements to school cooks, lively theme days driving meal uptake, and one dedicated team member running five marathons in five days

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  • An uphill climb

    An uphill climb

    Nutritionists, food suppliers, caterers and advertisers gathered at the latest Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum to discuss the next steps for policy on high fat, sugar and salt foods regulation, reports Morag Wilson

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