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And just like that, the sun is gone for another year and the ovens are fired up for the start of the autumn term. Sigh. Actually, this is my favourite time of the year, when we return to menus featuring winter warmers you can position your face over and let the steam warm you up, and packed full of veg to make you feel good inside. I hope that you have had a successful start to the new year. It might seem that the sea of faces in front of you are unidentifiable – with new starters and others who have shot up over the summer – but before you know it you’ll be on first-name terms. We’re not out of September yet, so we’ve got a bumper feature on Back to School this month. We’re thrilled to announce the shortlist for the EDUcatering Excellence Awards. Huge congratulations to our finalists and equally to those of you who entered but didn’t make it through this time. It was a tough judging day. Put a date in your diary for the EDUcatering Forum, which takes place on 28th November at Haberdashers’ Hall in London. The theme this year is ‘The Power of Positive Psychology: reshaping children’s bad food habits’. In this issue, Jane Renton introduces our theme by examining the idea of ‘nudge psychology’ and how we can present simple tricks to persuade children to change their behaviour, in this case, go for the healthy choice. Could this help to reduce childhood obesity? Meanwhile, I have been speaking to Deborah Homshaw, managing director of CH&CO Independent, the new name for The Brookwood Partnership as the company completes its transition to CH&CO. An awful lot has happened in the year since the company won the EDUcatering Award for Contract Caterer of the Year. It just goes to show that whatever is happening today at the start of term could be completely different this time next year, so take control and jump at every opportunity that comes your way.

  • The Big Interview: Food with intelligence

    The Big Interview: Food with intelligence

    The transformation is complete this September as The Brookwood Partnership schools make their transition to the new CH&CO Independent, where food isn’t just healthy, it’s intelligent

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  • Nudge or fudge?

    Nudge or fudge?

    Science-based behavioural interventions to nudge healthier eating have gone mainstream in policy-making and in schools, but how appropriate are they and should you be implementing these tactics in the dining room, asks Jane Renton

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