Get involved in BNF Healthy Eating Week

Get involved in BNF Healthy Eating Week

Schools are being encouraged to get involved with he British Nutrition Foundation’s (BNF) Healthy Eating Week 2017, from 12th to 16th June.

The theme of the week is ‘applied learning’ and BNF is encouraging schoolchildren to take ownership for their own health by becoming BNF Healthy Eating Week Ambassadors and championing the week in their own schools and at home. The week will focus on building children’s knowledge about healthy eating and wellbeing, being active, food provenance and cooking.

“Positive behaviour change will only be sustained if children, themselves, are motivated to lead healthier lifestyles,” said Roy Ballam, managing director and head of education at the BNF. “We need to equip them with the knowledge and skills to make better choices and, what better way to do this than by giving them the tools and motivation to work together and encourage each other to take ownership of their health. This is why we will be ‘recruiting’ primary and secondary school pupils across the UK to take responsibility for flying the Healthy Eating Week flag in their schools by becoming ambassadors for the week.”

Schools can apply for Ambassador packs, including badges and ‘job adverts’ to encourage children to take on the challenge. Other resources include food cards, posters and daily challenges.

Registration for this year’s Healthy Eating Week has already increased 10% on last year when the week reached over 3.1m young people. Visit