Jamie Oliver recruits business leaders for CEO CookOff

Jamie Oliver recruits business leaders for CEO CookOff

Jamie Oliver has partnered with UKHarvest to get the UK’s top business leaders to create a banquet for hundreds of everyday heroes.

The CEO CookOff is part of Oliver’s Food Revolution and aims to highlight the issue of food waste and the need for greater food education. On 21st March, 600 heroes who work in schools, hospitals and charities will be treated to a meal at Old Billingsgate Market in London.

The banquet will be cooked by the likes of Fiona Dawson (Mars), Ewan Venters (Fortnum & Mason), Richard Scudamore(Premier League) Stephen Miron (Global), Cilla Snowball CBE (AMV BBDO), Craig Inglis (John Lewis) and James Hassett (Barclays), who will be guided by top chefs including Angela Hartnett, Bill Granger, Atul Kochhar and Gennaro Contaldo.

“It’s absolutely brilliant that we can get all these bigwigs together in the same room with the nation’s top chefs, all rolling up their sleeves and cooking some delicious grub for our everyday heroes – to raise money for the bigger issues around food education and waste,” said Oliver.

“That’s what this is all about: bringing together a bunch of hugely influential people for our Food Revolution to show how important food education is. For me, it’s as important as teaching kids maths and English, in terms of their future development. And we want to show how easy it can be for families and businesses to cook with the correct food and without waste. The CEO CookOff will be loads of fun, but the cause at its heart is very serious. I’m always asking people to think big and work together and this just proves that we can do it.”

The CEO CookOff will be a zero food waste event. Any meal that isn’t served will be collected by UKHarvest and taken to The Robes Project, a charity that offers shelter and food to the homeless in south London. Organic waste will be put into an anaerobic digester.