Video: Disguised Tim Henman pranks families at Wimbledon

Video: Disguised Tim Henman pranks families at Wimbledon

Families enjoying Wimbledon last week were served glasses of fruit squash by Tim Henman in disguise.

The prank by Wimbledon sponsors Robinsons, took families on a special tour of the All England Tennis Club and got a surprise when a disguised Henman flexed his skills on the court and gate-crashed their VIP tennis lesson with head coach, Dan Bloxham. After showing off, Henman revealed his true identity and hosted a special tennis lesson for the guests.

This year Wimbledon marks its 90th year and its 82nd anniversary with Robinsons. The brand started its association in 1935 when Lemon Barley Water was first created in the changing rooms there.

“For me, it’s all about encouraging people to play tennis and have fun with it. I played from the age of three, and want to inspire the next generation of tennis aces to enjoy learning new skills, making friends and being outside – whether that’s by winning or losing. It’s great that Robinsons agrees, and it’s been such a laugh winding everyone up,” Henman said.

Watch a video of the prank here: