SRA calls on caterers to serve more veg

SRA calls on caterers to serve more veg

The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) is calling on caterers to #FlipTheMenu and serve More Veg and Better Meat as part of a month-long campaign.

Responding to growing environmental and health concerns as well as consumer demand, the campaign is asking caterers to introduce new menus, trial dishes and mix up their menus to promote more plant-based dishes.

Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall whose River Cottage restaurants boast 50% veg menus, is backing the initiative. He said: “I believe this approach is crucial for our health and the health of our planet and that’s why I’m right behind the SRA’s More Veg & Better Meat campaign. At River Cottage, we’ve always celebrated fresh, seasonal produce, and glorious, generous vegetables are the very heart and soul of our cooking. The idea of using less meat, and only meat with the very best provenance, is a natural complement to this.”

Almost half the population are identifying themselves as flexitarian, which is encouraging more chefs across the foodservice industry to explore creating menus that focus more on vegetables and serving less but better quality meat.

Chef Josh Eggleton, owner of Pony & Trap restaurant, has opened Root with SRA director Amelia Twine, based entirely around the concept of More Veg and Better Meat. The 10 main dishes are all based around on vegetable and customers can choose if they want to add one of the five high quality meat and fish dishes.

Josh added: “It’s astronomical the amount of things you can do with veg. I’ve always liked dishes that focus on one main ingredient, so we’ll be doing that with these small plate dishes – using fabulous fresh produce like the best carrots or cauliflower and creating dishes around them. There’s nothing like restricting the menu to make a chef even more creative!”

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