Bidfood brings on Scottish dairy and egg producers

Bidfood brings on Scottish dairy and egg producers

Bidfood Scotland has taken on listings from dairy and egg suppliers in Scotland, boosting growth for Scottish producers.

First Milk – the only Scottish diary producer 100% owned by farmers – inverloch Cheese Company, Yester Farm Dairies, and free-range egg farm Scotlay Eggs, are all new suppliers to Bidfood, which has launched a full range into the UK foodservice industry.

Not only is the initiative helping Bidfood’s 5,000 Scottish customers source more everyday products from local suppliers, the development of the dairy and egg range is part of the company’s support of Scotland Food and Drinks’ new Ambition 2030. The initiative works in partnership with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Dairy Hub to double turnover in the Scotland food and drink sector to reach £30 billion by 2030.

“Our strategy is about finding the right balance between quality and value for money,” said Katie Sillars, business development manager at Bidfood Scotland. “Our aim is to work in partnership with our suppliers and help them to drive growth of the dairy and egg categories regionally in Scotland, as well as across the whole of our UK business.”

Already Scotlay Eggs has seen a 900% increase in volume in six months and is now investing in more birds and a new poultry shed. Campbeltown’s Mature Colour Grated Cheddar and Yester Farm’s Mozzarella has moved from a regional to a national listing.