BDA advocates plant-based diet with new sustainable policy

BDA advocates plant-based diet with new sustainable policy

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) has launched a newly updated policy statement on Sustainable Diets, which advocates for a reduction of red and processed meat in the UK diet, replaced by plant-based proteins such as beans and pulses.

The policy statement sets out a commitment from the BDA on the importance of sustainability in the day to day practice of dietitians and the belief that everyone should have access to a nutritious, high quality diet that is good for the environment as well as people’s health.

A reduction in meat and increase in plant-based proteins would be better for the environment and better for our health, the BDA has said. It also supports the consumption of only sustainably sourced fish and an increase in the consumption of fruit and vegetables.

“Sustainability and the environmental impact of the food we eat is an important and complex issue, so it is really positive to have a clear position from the BDA,” said Sandra Hood, who led the group that developed the statement. “We believe dietitians should use their skills in interpreting and translating the latest evidence and expertise to promote and explain sustainable diets to the public, and where appropriate, to patients.”

To read the full policy statement, visit the BDA website. The BDA is the new owner of Let’s Get Cooking, the Children’s Food Trust’s network of school and community based clubs developed to help children and their families gain the skills and knowledge to cook healthy meals from scratch. It took over the role when the Children’s Food Trust closed in September and will also run the Trust’s Learning Network – an e-learning platform with 18 courses related to improving food for children.