Annabel Karmel backs dippy egg campaign

Annabel Karmel backs dippy egg campaign

Baby weaning expert Annabel Karmel is supporting a new British Lion Eggs campaign to promote runny eggs for all.

Following the announcement recently by the Food Standards Agency that runny eggs can be enjoyed by everyone as long as they have the British Lion mark, including vulnerable groups such as young children and the elderly, the campaign aims to get the message out to the public.

Karmel has launched a dedicated eggs hub on her weaning website with a collection of recipes to inspire mums to cook runny eggs for their babies and infants. Mums are also being targeted with a six-month long digital campaign on leading mother and toddler websites, Made for Mums and BabyCentre, alongside full page ads in Mother and Baby and Gurgle. Posters and 15,000 leaflets will also be on display in 750 of the top GP surgeries across the country.

Elsewhere, the campaign will include advertising, direct mail, celebrity promotions and digital advertising.

“The Lion scheme has maintained the highest standards for two decades to ensure the superior safety of British Lion eggs,” said Andrew Joret, chairman of the British Egg Industry Council. “Now is an important time to get the message out to key groups of consumers and their advisers so they can enjoy runny eggs again and benefit from the fantastic nutritional benefits they provide.”

More than 90% of British eggs are now produced within the British Lion scheme, which requires producers to follow a stringent Code of Practice, including vaccinating their hens against salmonella, increased hygiene controls and salmonella testing, stamping a best-before date on the egg shell as well as on the box, and independent auditing.