Could 2018 be the year of Middle Eastern food?

Could 2018 be the year of Middle Eastern food?

This year could witness a growing trend towards food from the Middle East and North Africa, according to the latest Food and Drink Trends 2018 guide from Bidfood.

Combining fresh traditional ingredients and spices from the Middle East and North Africa with well-known Western dishes will help to drive the trend, the wholesaler says.

Other trends it has spotted for the year ahead include an increased movement towards European cuisine, such as shoreline fish, quality meat and local produce from Scandinavia and the Balkans. This trend brings cooking back to basics by creating simplistic and fresh meals.

And continuing into 2018 will be the trend for Asian cuisine, the report says, particularly Japanese food like ramen noodle soup and Korean barbecue dishes.

“Consumers today are being introduced to a variety of flavour and food combinations. As a result, they are becoming even more experimental and adventurous when dining out or cooking at home,” says Lucy Pedrick, insights manager at Bidfood.

“We’re already seeing brands rise to the challenge and offer on-trend bold concepts and products to delight customers and keep them coming back for more.”

The Food and Drinks Trends 2018 guide provides caterers with inspiration on how to bring these trends to life via a host of recipe examples, tips and serving suggestions.