Coeliac UK certifies Middleton’s products

Coeliac UK certifies Middleton’s products

Middleton’s gluten-free mixes have now been certified by Coeliac UK, which means they now show the internationally recognised crossed grain symbol.

The logo will appear on appropriate products from July and will be exhibited at LACA The Main Event this week (11th to 13th July).

“We are delighted to be working with Coeliac UK, the crossed grain logo is a powerful brand and instantly recognizable,” said Paul Stanley, foodservice manager at Middleton’s. “The crossed grain logo will give our customers added reassurance and peace of mind in choosing the Middleton’s range of gluten free products.”

Middleton’s gluten-free factory is a standalone building, creating an environment where all wheat products are removed, giving full control over manufacturing and eliminating the risks of cross-contamination completely. The new gluten-free factory is BRC AA accredited and produces over 100 tonnes of naturally gluten-free mixes every week.

The move was welcomed by Coeliac UK chief executive Sarah Sleet, who said: “With 1.3 million Britons on a gluten free diet and half a million people still to be diagnosed with coeliac disease, the demand for gluten free food options continues to increase. We are pushing harder for safe gluten free options in institutions like schools where access to gluten-free options for children with coeliac disease can often be limited or non-existent.”