Holiday provision government pilots reach 18,000 children

Holiday provision government pilots reach 18,000 children

Seven holiday clubs in receipt of £2m funding from the government has delivered meals and activities to 18,000 children this summer.

Data from the clubs – which will be used by the government to determine the viability of further support for holiday schemes – show that 279 new and existing holiday clubs were run by the seven organisations over the summer, delivering 3,581 sessions.

The percentage of children attending more than one session was 71%, showing that the clubs are a popular and needed scheme, while the percentage of children attending more than half of the sessions operated by the club over the summer was 24%.

Earlier this year it was announced that pilot funding would be allocated to Accord Housing Association – Birmingham Holiday Kitchen; Children North East; Family Action; Feeding Britain; OnSide Youth Zones; StreetGames; Transforming Lives for Good (TLG).

The clubs were targeted to low-income families, although they welcome all families. Data from the clubs show that 48% of attendees were recorded as receiving Free School Meals during term time, but this could be higher as 31% of parents didn’t state or didn’t know if they were in receipt of Free School Meals.
Of the 18,000 children recorded as attending, 49% were recorded as primary age, 20% as secondary age, 14% as pre-Year 1 and 1% in post-16 education. A further 16% did not state or know their school year group.
The Department for Education will now use this data to assess whether further funding should be allocated to support holiday provision and if the practices of these seven organisations should be used as best practice or repeated elsewhere in the country.