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As you are all aware, schools are under increasing pressure in the current climate, and as we put the finishing touches to this month’s issue there is uncertainty about whether schools will be closing or will remain open. By the time this magazine reaches you, the situation will have changed again. Having heard from several teachers, there are many different plans of actions happening, but the key focus for all of them is to ensure that pupils are kept safe and that they are continued to be fed. As schools are reporting, there is still food available for pupils, and grab-and-go options are being made available for those who need it – even for those older children who may have been sent home. We all have a passion for school food, and for ensuring that children receive the best nutritious meals. This month’s magazine continues to focus on this, and we have put together some interesting features for you to read. There are always new topics and helpful ideas to make school catering that much easier, and if your school kitchen can stay open for serving food over the coming weeks, then hopefully some of these features can help. Allergens, for example, will always be an issue schools will face, and it is even more important now for school caterers to tighten their allergen policy. Gemma Bradish discusses more on page 20. When caterers are stretched for time, ready-made items can help. On page 30 we look at some options for ready-made stocks and sauces to help make cooking in the kitchen that little bit easier. Finally, we have some great ideas from The Food Teacher for encouraging children to not only cook more, but to understand what good, quality, nutritious food is (see page 26 for more). We also have an interview with Deborah Homshaw from CH&CO, as she discusses the role of the new CH&CO Education Board, which is all about teaching children about food. Schools are known for their community spirit and they always have, and always will be, a big part of their local areas. With this in mind, we need to ensure that we all continue to work together and support one another over the coming months, and that schools continue to be the heart of the community.