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The end of the year always encourages us to look back and reflect on the past 12 months and decide – with much optimism and enthusiasm – some new year’s resolutions. For schools, if there is one resolution they can look to try and achieve in 2020 it's to get more cooking and food education into the classroom. This is certainly the goal for Amanda Grant, founder of charity Cook School, who, along with her incredible team, have some ambitious plans to bring kitchens and cookery lessons to schools across the country in 2020 (see page 32 for more). Other resolutions for schools could be sustainability goals – whether this is through recycling or adapting menus to meet the needs of the planet and the environment. Our interview with Philip Mansbridge, executive director of ProVeg UK, highlights some quick wins for schools to help them tackle issues surrounding sustainability by introducing more vegetarian and vegan dishes to the school menu (see page 22 for more). Continuing with the theme of looking ahead, Gemma Bradish looks at upcoming menu trends for schools in 2020 (see page 17) and Jane Renton speaks to Jayne Jones, chair of ASSIST FM, about Scottish food laws and what the future holds for laws in England (turn to page 14 for the interview). 2020 will hopefully be a year of positive changes for the school food sector, with an emphasis on allergens – in particular, the management of them. In this issue we speak to Jessica Crane to find out more about the management of allergens in schools and how this is expected to progress (see page 12 for more). From all of us at EDUcatering, we wish you all a happy Christmas and new year!