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What a summer this is proving to be! I hope you are finding time to relax and soak up some sun, although like me, I know that this can be a really busy time for many of you. August is a time when we are flat out, gathering all of the entries to the EDUcatering Excellence Awards and sending out packs of submissions to our judges. We’ve had some brilliant entries this year and I can’t wait to curl up with a cup of tea (or 20!) to read them all in detail ahead of the judging day on 28th August. Look out for the shortlist, which we will announce online and in the September issue of the magazine. We have also been busy putting together an exciting conference programme for the next EDUcatering Forum, which will be at Haberdashers’ Hall in London on 28th November. The theme this year is ‘The Power of Positive Psychology: reshaping children's bad food habits’ and we’ll be looking at nudge behaviours and the small changes you can make to get pupils actively choosing the healthy choices. Childhood obesity will also be a major discussion topic and if you haven’t had a chance to digest the government’s update to the Childhood Obesity Plan, then turn to page 18 for a bullet point guide to what it means for you as school caterers. While many of you will be using the summer holidays to plan menus, carry out kitchen deep cleans or even be in the middle of refurbishments and new builds (lucky you!), there are a number of school caterers and outside organisations who have been volunteering their time to provide holiday meals and activity clubs to children who are missing out on free school meals due to the school holidays. The government has announced £2m of funding towards holiday provision and on page 16 I have posed a few questions about what more can be done to create a coordinated approach to ensuring that no child goes hungry when schools are closed. Finally, an admission. We have been so busy that we only just realised that we have had a birthday! EDUcatering Magazine turned 100 last month, so welcome to our 101st issue (we’re really just keeping with the education theme by celebrating 101). It has been a joy to edit your magazine for the last six years and I love this industry more and more each day.

  • Filling the gap

    Filling the gap

    Three million children are at risk of hunger during the school holidays and while there are some brilliant projects being run across the UK to combat this, it doesn’t scratch the surface of the problem. How can school caterers do their bit? Is it their job to? And will holiday hunger only be solved with statutory intervention? Morag Wilson reports

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  • The Big Interview: The Jewel in LACA’s Crown

    The Big Interview: The Jewel in LACA’s Crown

    Michael Hales will preside over a radical shakeup of LACA’s structure, leadership and possibly future direction, writes Jane Renton

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  • A plan for action

    A plan for action

    The government has published Chapter 2 of its Childhood obesity: a plan for action report, setting out plans to halve childhood obesity by 2030. But is this goal achievable, asks Morag Wilson

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