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I’m feeling quite buoyed up, and it’s not just because Christmas is approaching and I know that my two-year-old is going to overflow with excitement at any moment. We held the EDUcatering Forum on 28th November and it was a thrilling day of tangible ways that school caterers can encourage their pupils to make healthier choices. The focus of the day was on nudge behaviour and after hearing about the behavioural theory from Dr Jeremy Leach, we listened to real case studies of where this has worked in schools. We keep hearing that there is no silver bullet to preventing childhood obesity and the day’s event highlighted a few ideas of how school caterers can make a difference. You can read all about the day on page 18. Thank you again to those who came to the event, to our speakers and our exhibitors. Let me draw your attention to Jane Renton’s Big Issue on page 12. The Eatwell Guide has been a controversial change to the Eatwell Plate, not least for its unaffordability. Jane looks at the impact of the Guide and asks whether or not we really should be following it. For many of you, this is the busiest time of the year. At the EDUcatering Forum, for example, we heard how at Park Community School they will serve 1,000 Christmas lunches, all for free, and many of you will be inviting governors and parents in for Christmas lunches as well as catering for your regular pupils. So, when the Christmas holidays do come along, make sure you have a well-deserved break! And when you come back refreshed for the Easter term, you can expect a new look from us in February, as well as new features; you heard it here first.

  • EDUcatering Forum: Give them a nudge!

    EDUcatering Forum: Give them a nudge!

    The EDUcatering Forum highlighted how, with a few simple tricks and tweaks, pupils can be encouraged to make healthier choices. Is this the answer to preventing childhood obesity?

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  • The Big Issue: The Eatwell Guide

    The Big Issue: The Eatwell Guide

    The Eatwell Guide continues to court controversy two years after it was revised, not just over its composition but also on cost, writes Jane Renton

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  • All in the marketing?

    All in the marketing?

    The latest Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum had the aim of discussing ways to implement chapter 2 of the government’s plan for childhood obesity. But it failed to address the delivery of meals, writes Morag Wilson

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