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Well, here it is. The evaluation of Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) report, which has some time coming, has finally been published. While it doesn’t contain any stand-out findings and is a bit light on evidence, it is certainly a start. UIFSM is a difficult thing to evaluate if we are to show a link to better attainment and improved health, but the study gives us something to measure and act on. On page 20 I speak to Tim Blowers, chair of LACA, about the report, who confirms that now work will be done on providing best practice examples of where UIFSM has been successfully implemented. Following the report LACA will also be calling on the government to expand the policy to include all Key Stage 2 children. Now that UIFSM is safe, it feels like a precarious but important next step to take. Elsewhere this month we have taken a visit to the new training and development centre at Birmingham City Council, where Cityserve is doing great work in teaching local schoolchildren cooking skills, developing their own teams and even providing a space for outside caterers to learn. As Jane Renton discovers on page 14, Cityserve has gone from being a company in great deficit and threatened with the axe to one that enjoys a healthy profit and is looking to expand its services to other neighbouring authorities – but not in the way you might think. We also hear this month from Food for Life Served Here (page 18) who have new criteria coming for all silver and gold award holders. Get up to scratch – on your cooking as well as the new standards.

  • The Big Interview: The Third Way

    The Big Interview: The Third Way

    Birmingham City Council’s award-winning meal service has transformed its fortunes and is now looking to help other local authorities do the same.

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  • Measuring success

    Measuring success

    A report that aims to evaluate the impact Universal Infant Free School Meals has been published. Commissioned by LACA and carried out by the Education Policy Institute, it highlights the promise of change yet evidence for yet more lengthy research, writes Morag Wilson.

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  • Let’s get revising!

    Let’s get revising!

    The Food for Life Served Here scheme will soon be launching updated standards to its silver and gold awards. Jen Collins, standards project manager at the Soil Association, explains what this means for caterers.

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