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What an incredible month October has been so far! This year was my first year attending the EDUcatering Excellence Awards, and despite my nerves about speaking on stage, it was honestly such a privilege to be among a fantastic and hardworking group of people. Spirits were high as the evening began, and the atmosphere of the room was buzzing with anticipation and excitement. Being a part of the judging team meant that I had already read through all the nominations , however meeting everyone from the entries on the night for the first time made them all the more special , and it was tremendous fun reading out the nominations and hearing the cheers (and screams of delight) a s everyone’s names were read out . It was wonderful being able to share that moment of joy and pure delight as the winners each came to collect their certificate and award on stage. The night was an emotional one for everyone involved, especially when the Morag Wilson Special Award was p resented. Later, there were tears of gratitude and applause at the generosity of everyone in the room as the raffle went underway, followed by an emotional and in credible bidding campaign a s the winning ticket was auctioned off. Thank you so much to everyone for your kind generosity. In total, we raised £ 3,315 for Morag's husband Ian and son Jamie. The October issue is packed this month with an overview of the awards (pages 14 to 39), plus we have two special interviews – one with Meg Longworth, head of nutrition and public health at Chartwells, about the importance of food ambassadors, and the second with Sally Brown and Kate Morris as we look at the vibrant and exciting world of My World Kitchen. Jane Renton looks a t how the Italians have led the way with a b an on lunchboxes in schools (page 12), while Pat Fellows touches on some of the important issues highlighted a t the EDUcatering Forum (page 66), which took place on Tuesday 8th October before the EDUcatering Excellence Awards. We will have the EDUcatering Forum Show Issue next month, where we will cover all the thought-provoking presentations. Laura Evans | Editor | @EDUcateringMag