BNF creates Try, Swap, Change plan to improve health

BNF creates Try, Swap, Change plan to improve health

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) has launched a new, free planner to challenge Brits to Try, Swap and Change habits, in a bid to encourage the nation to become healthier.

The weekly planner offers a set of 15 easy to follow suggestions to develop a healthier lifestyle by trying something new, swapping old habits for better ones, and changing elements of your lifestyle.

Each week you can select three or more of the 15 suggested challenges, which include tasks like finding new ways to be active, including more fish in your diet and cutting out sugary drinks.

It has been developed by BNF nutrition experts to provide a practical guide for people to put into action.

“Our hope is that people will find our ‘Try, Swap, Change’ planner easy to use, so that over time healthier choices become natural and second-nature, rather than a chore. We want to encourage the nation to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep the long-term benefits in mind, rather than just thinking about the here and now,” said Sarah Stanner, science director at the BFN.

It comes ahead of the BFN’s Healthy Eating Week, which runs from 11th-15th June.