Quorn responds to meat-free movement with £12m brand investment

Quorn responds to meat-free movement with £12m brand investment

Quorn has announced a major brand investment and innovative new product development following the growing rise in meat-reducing consumers.

This year, Quorn will invest £12m into the brand as it launches its “Healthy Protein. Healthy Planet” messaging, which will focus on how its products can help consumers reduce their meat consumption and environmental impact from their diet.

It comes as data shows that for the first time ever, the majority of the UK are now reducing their meat consumption and as more people try Veganuary during this month.

Quorn is supporting the Veganuary campaign on TV and in store and will be launching a vegan version of a British classic later this month.

“We are seeing a seismic shift in consumer attitudes towards meat reduction and with the majority of the UK now meat reducing in some way, we have reached a tipping point,” said Alex Glen, marketing director at Quorn Foods UK.

“Consumers now recognise the need for more sustainable diets that are less impactful on the planet, with 57%2 aware of the benefits of reduced meat consumption to the environment. This mega trend is only going to get bigger in 2019, which is why we’re focusing on making it as easy and delicious as possible for consumers to reduce their meat consumption with Quorn.”

The brand has already been spreading an educational message about the benefits of meat reduction to schools.