Hospitality industry to speed up efforts to tackle climate change

Hospitality industry to speed up efforts to tackle climate change

The UK hospitality industry has been told to challenge what we call normal or good enough when it comes to tackling climate change and accelerate change.

A new report from the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA), The Tastiest Challenge on the Planet, identifies pockets of progress on sustainability issues but finds that the pace of change is nowhere near fast nor widespread enough.

“While the industry is taking lots of small steps, they aren’t keeping pace with the scope of what is needed. It is no longer sufficient simply to talk about being a sustainable business without targeting bigger change on the biggest issues,” said Andrew Stephen, chief executive of the SRA.

The report includes a review of what operators have done in 2018 regarding sustainability, an assessment of the challenges ahead and the industry’s preparedness in tackling them.

If foodservice reduced food waste by a quarter, it could cut its carbon emissions by just under a million tonnes a year – equivalent to grounding more than 2,000 London to New York return flights.

The SRA is calling for accelerated, measurable and tangible changes in line with the achievable targets set by WRAP, in its Plastics Pact and Food Waste Reduction Roadmap, and the World Resources Institute’s Cool Food Pledge. Supported by a programme of insightful resources and inspirational events, the SRA is committed to increasing engagement with all three of these programmes to cut food-related greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2030, reduce the sector’s food waste by 25% by 2025 and meet the four targets set in the Plastics Pact.