Caterers required for Brighton's Veg City Challenge

Caterers required for Brighton's Veg City Challenge

Caterers and chefs are being asked to take part in a challenge to help inspire teens and young adults to eat more vegetables.

Veg City Challenge will bring together the best in the food industry to create an innovative grab-and-go recipe that is packed with veg to satisfy some of the pickiest audiences.

In order to enter, all chefs need to submit a fully-costed recipe, including any details of packaging used, by Monday 8 July 2019. All recipes will be run through a nutritional database to give it a score. Selected participants will then attend the competition cook-off in the Community Kitchen of Brighton & Hove Food Partnership on Monday 22 July 2019.

The winning recipe can be championed and trialled at secondary schools, venues and food outlets across Brighton. Part of the Veg City Challenge will be to inspire other caterers, so all the veg-packed recipes will be made available and promoted locally and nationally so that everyone can benefit from them.

Caterers are asked to prepare a recipe using the following criteria against which they will be scored:

  • Include at least two types of veg
  • Low cost to produce
  • Easy to make and sell at volume
  • Must be portable/grab’n’go (no plastic packaging used)
  • Appealing to teens/young adults
  • Recipe must be shareable with local and national networks

Please contact [email protected] for further details and to register your interest.