Great British Pea Week returns

Great British Pea Week returns

Great British Pea Week, the national awareness week dedicated to peas, is taking place this week, giving schools a reason to celebrate peas this harvesting season.

The week was launched by the Yes Peas! campaign and the British pea vining industry. The UK is the largest producer and consumer of frozen peas in Europe, with the average person in Britain eating nearly 9,000 peas per year. This July, approximately 700 pea growers will harvest 2bn portions of peas to feed Britain for the year.

Great British Pea Week aims to inform the Great British public about the dedication it takes every pea season to get billions of peas from field to fork.

“Great British Pea Week is back for its fourth year to inspire the nation to cook with peas during harvest season and reconnect people with the important heritage and provenance of frozen peas and their fascinating journey from the field to our freezers,” explains Stephen Francis, member of the YesPeas! campaign.

“The locked in freshness of frozen peas means we can enjoy British peas all year round, so Great British Pea Week is here to put peas firmly on the food agenda and give everyone a reason to enjoy this versatile and nutritional vegetable at the peak of the British harvesting season, as well as all year-round.”

The Yes Peas! campaign is asking everyone to get involved this Great British Pea Week and get cooking with peas. TV chef and Yes Peas! ambassador Rachel Green has created some recipes to inspire everyone this Great British Pea Week, available at