Pupils and parents get behind new plastic campaign

Pupils and parents get behind new plastic campaign

Pupils from Thomas School in Fulham have helped with the launch of the Recycled Plastic Rating (RPR) campaign. The campaign is pushing for the government to introduce a new trust mark rating to show how much recycled plastic is in packaging.

Currently only 9% of plastic is recycled annually, meaning that 91% goes into landfill, the ocean or is incinerated. Similar to the effect Fairtrade and sustainably sourced fish marks have on buying behaviours, with a recognised RPR trust mark, consumers can see how much of the plastic wrapping in their purchase is made from recycled materials, and therefore decide what product to buy based on the percentage of recycled materials.

“Eight million tons of plastic, a dump truck a minute, ends up in our oceans each year – we’ve got to stop this,” says Mark Jankovich, entrepreneur and philanthropist who is behind the RPR campaign. “Having a rating which shows the amount of recycled plastic content in the packaging we buy will instantly give caterers, retailers and consumers the power to vote with their wallets and chose packaging that is fundamentally diverting plastic from landfill. The RPR will enable everyone to see, at a glance, the exact plastic credentials of products they are purchasing.

“We hope the Government will take action and make the new RPR mandatory on all packaging; encourage the acceleration of how single use plastic can be given a second life; and increase scrutiny of exactly how plastic is recycled in the UK,” adds Jankovich.

The Thomas School in Fulham is passionate about sustainability and currently uses Delphis Eco cleaning products, which come packaged in 98% recycled plastic packaging. The eco-warriors from the school were chosen to help with the launch of the campaign on Friday 20th September by showcasing their giant fish they had produced (called Wish). The fish had been packed with plastic to help teach the younger classes about the need to be vigilant around recycling plastic.

The main launch of the RPR campaign took place in London on Friday 20th September outside the QE2 Centre during Greta Thunberg’s Climate Strike. Jankovich and the team hosted a giant eco turtle made of recycled materials to highlight the campaign. Tying in with Recycle Week, which runs from 23rd to 29th September, the eco-turtle will now visit several locations throughout the UK, helping to raise awareness of the RPR and the importance of making these changes.