Children learn about seafood at Farmwise Devon

Children learn about seafood at Farmwise Devon

More than 1,600 children have attended Farmwise Devon this year to learn about farming and food education.

The event is all about farming and is an opportunity for Devon primary school children to learn about where their food comes from in a fun and practical way.

The event has numerous interactive learning sessions throughout the day, where pupils can learn about all aspects of food and farming, from poultry, wildlife, forestry, vegetables and fruit farming.

This year, the Young’s Foodservice team returned to Farmwise Devon for the third year running to help provide information and insight into the seafood industry. The team helped highlight the importance of sustainability, as well as the different species available and the benefits it provides for them and the planet.

The children also had the opportunity to get involved with a range of activities, games and even became chefs for the day alongside the Young’s Foodservice development chef, Joel Carr. After receiving their very own Young’s branded chef hats, the pupils were tasked with making their very own fishcakes. These were inspired by Young’s popular ‘Spicy Salmon & Black Bean Fishcakes’ which the pupils enjoyed taste testing after working up an appetite.

“It is practical experiences like Farmwise that really make an impact and encourage discussion and learning beyond the classroom,” says Adrian Greaves, foodservice director at Young’s Foodservice. It’s an honour to get involved with an event that shares our passion for getting the younger generation engaged and excited about learning.

“The day was a huge success and the children really enjoyed testing our Spicy Salmon & Black Bean fishcakes,” adds Greaves. “Likewise, they were particularly fascinated to learn about Aquaculture and how the fish we eat can come from an underwater farm. It is crucial that everyone at Young’s Foodservice get involved with educating children on exactly where our food comes from, as well as the importance of sustainable nutrition and enjoying a varied and balanced diet at home and in schools.”

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