Garbage Guzzler installed in first UK school

Garbage Guzzler installed in first UK school

Aldenham School in Elstree has installed a waste machine to help reduce food wastage. The Garbage Guzzler uses bacteria to reduce organic waste and can compost up to 2,000 litres of food waste per week.

The new machine will help create a more eco-friendly and self-sustainable environment for the school, which has already stopped using single-use plastics from bottles to packaging.

The Garbage Guzzler uses bacteria to reduce organic waste, including food, cardboard and paper packaging. The process takes as little as 24 hours and creates a substance that can be used as a soil improver or biomass fuel.

With the help of the Garbage Guzzler, Aldenham School will be composting all food wastage which was previously removed from the grounds by lorry.

“We are proud to be the first school in the UK using this technology,” says Andy Williams, head of Aldenham Senior School. “It is important for us to continue to strive towards a greener future. Reducing our wastage this way, on site, enables us to not only service our grounds more efficiently but also allows us to reduce vehicle movements that are associated with recycling.”

“We’re delighted that Aldenham has started using the Garbage Guzzler which helps the environment by reducing methane emissions and capturing carbon in a product which can be used to improve soil,” says Lee Vines, chief operating officer for PKL Group, which supplied the Garbage Guzzler. “Unavoidable food waste is a recurring problem and technologies like the GG are key to helping the planet and reducing the costs and impact of waste.”

According to a report by WRAP, the education sector generates 123,000 tonnes of food waste per year as a collective with only 8% of food waste in schools being composted. The introduction of the aerobic food waste digester at Aldenham School will considerably reduce the environment impact of food wastage.