Get allergen aware for 2020

Get allergen aware for 2020

Allergen Accreditation is calling on the food service sector to review and refresh training, procedures and policies on allergen management.

January is officially Allergen Aware Month. This year’s theme is Allergen Culture and Allergen Accreditation is calling on the education sector to review its activities around purchasing, storage, preparation, presentation, training and cleaning schedules.

“We decant ingredients from packaging, create dishes and serve these to paying customers,” says Julian Edwards CEO of Allergen Accreditation. “It therefore becomes the caterer’s responsibility to inform the customer what allergenic ingredients are contained in the dish.”

By October 2021, businesses that pre-pack for direct sales, including sandwiches, salad pots, general grab-and-go, and delivered meals, will need to label these items with a full ingredients list. Commonly known as PPDS (Pre-Packed for Direct sale) this will be a major change for caterers. Businesses must investigate these new requirements and technical resources will be available via the Food Standards Agency.

With the fast growing delivered food industry, all businesses will need to review their labelling policies to ensure that they comply with these news regulations.

To help the industry, Allergen Accreditation is providing brief resource pack and some posters.

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