Bidfood reveals 2020 dining trends

Bidfood reveals 2020 dining trends

Foodservice provider Bidfood has published a report on the food, drink and dining trends set to shape the industry in 2020.

Flavour explosion is the key theme, the report suggests, which is expected to be driven by global cuisines, developments in sustainability and technology, as well as interesting and authentic cooking methods coming to the forefront.

A range of sub-trends and ingredients have been distilled into five mega trends that operators should keep front of mind for the coming year. These include Feed the Senses, Simply Global, Creatively Sustainable, Skilful Flavour, and Beyond the Basics.

“Bidfood’s food and drink trends of 2020 reflect the emergence of products, ingredients and cuisines that will influence consumption habits across all sectors, and highlight the social trends that set the context for how, when and why consumers choose to eat out,” says Lucy Pedrick, head of insights and customer experience at Bidfood. “In education, we can look forward to new flavours in breakfasts, lunches and after school club occasions, such as Flavours of the Pacific, Middle Eastern, Global Fusion, Latin American, as well as a growing demand for greater authenticity in global cuisines. These themes are reflected in two key trends: Simply Global and Feed the Senses. Both trends feature the growing popularity of small plates and portions that offer a new taste sensation for some, and a taste from home for others.

“Clever use of seasonal vegetables and fruits is also becoming more prevalent, a trend we call Creatively Sustainable, which is all about providing nutritional choices that not only meet the mental and physical needs of students but also recognise their concerns about the environment and the popularity of plant-based options,” Lucy adds. “Beyond the Basics and Skilful Flavour trends reflect chefs’ desire to elevate simple, staple menu options. Relevant to every school menu, the addition of new flavours and a choice of cuisine-led sauces, flavourings and condiments can help broaden the tastes of every child and bring to life in their school the tastes that they experience on today’s high street.”

The first of the sub-trends in the report is Simply Global, which focuses on niche cuisines and ingredients. The report highlights how flavours from countries and regions such as Lebanon, the Pacific Islands and Australasia all look set to make an appearance on menus in 2020 thanks to an increase in accessible, authentic ingredients, which will help chefs create fusion dishes that incorporate more than one cuisine. The report suggests that chilli will feature heavily in many dishes – from the fiery fragrance used in many Asian dishes, through to smoky heat from South America. For the school catering industry, Bidfood’s recipe suggestion for this trend is ‘Chicken Bao Buns’.

For the Creatively Sustainable trend, the report has identified recipes focused on the health of the planet. ‘Falafel and Grain Pots’ is the chosen recipe idea for schools, tying in with the idea that society is moving towards adopting vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets. Further sub-trends in this category include plastic and food waste, centre plate veg, alternative milk products, gut health, and ways to respect animals used for meat by using everything that it offers from nose-to-tail.

Skills were also highlighted in the report, with a focus on unusual cooking and preparation techniques. For school caterers, the recipe idea for this trend is the ‘Whitby Seafood’s Glorious Grains Scampi Seasonal Salad Bowl’.

The report also suggests that food and drink which evokes feelings of nostalgia will be popular, with basic well-known dishes such as toast, eggs, salads and sandwiches being given gourmet makeovers using the very best in quality ingredients.

For more information, download the Bidfood 2020 Trends guide here: