Schools across UK to close

Schools across UK to close

The government has announced that schools across England, Scotland and Wales will close from Friday, while schools in Northern Ireland will close on Monday. Nurseries and private schools have also been asked to close.

According to a BBC report, some schools will be kept open for the children of key workers, such as NHS staff, police and delivery drivers. Children who receive free school meals can also be supported by these schools as well. Hopefully more information about how these provisions will be delivered will be revealed shortly.

Information says that children are not as vulnerable to the virus compared to adults, and until now the government has tried to avoid closing schools, especially with concerns surrounding childcare for pupils out of school. However, some schools throughout the UK have already closed due to staff shortages, while some had started sending older year groups home.

Since the announcement, it has been reported how school kitchens and charities are working together to plan ways to keep children fed. Community centre kitchens are also being called upon to help with the closures by providing food to those who need it.

LACA is urging members to follow official government and Public Health England advice.

We will share more news and updates as it becomes available.