School kitchens to remain open

School kitchens to remain open

Following last night’s announcement of stricter measures of social distancing, it has been confirmed that school restaurants and canteens are an exception and will remain open.

Schools across the UK are closed to limit the spread of the coronavirus and are only open to support children of key workers or vulnerable pupils.

There was some concern that there would not be enough staff to fulfil the requirements set out by the government in keeping schools open for those who need it, however, it seems that parents are abiding by the rules and are only sending in their children if absolutely necessary.

According to a BBC report, teaching unions have said that teaching staff are finding the situation “manageable”, and that “figures collected by the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) suggest that in 94% of schools, no more than 20% of pupils were attending”.

Aside from a huge change in classroom activities, lunchtimes at schools has also been changing, but thankfully suppliers and caterers are working together to get through these difficult times and to continue to provide nutritious and healthy food for all those attending school. Updates from Chartwells and Mellors Catering, for example, have stated that both are continuing to support schools.

The government is continuing to update the school guidance document, which can be found at