Get all the latest news with the new EDU Bulletin

Get all the latest news with the new EDU Bulletin

Since Monday, schools across the UK have been closed – only staying open for those pupils whose parents are key workers or for those pupils who are vulnerable. With school kitchens continuing to stay open to feed those still attending school and to provide provisions for those children receiving free school meals, school caterers are vital to our communities and are more important than ever.

There are naturally going to be many questions and concerns over the coming weeks about how schools will continue to provide food to all those still attending, and with information and guidance changing on a daily basis, it can be hard to keep up to date. To help you through these uncertain times we have started the EDU Bulletin.

Unlike our monthly EDUcatering newsletter, the EDU Bulletin will be providing you with the latest updates on government guidance, examples of best practice and case studies from schools across the UK, plus announcements and advice from industry experts.

In addition to this, we hope that we can share with you some positive news stories too, including stories about celebrating the fantastic work that our school caterers are achieving in these difficult times.

Today’s stories include:

Industry Insider: an update from school food consultant Pat Fellows

Government guidance: advice for schools to help implement social distancing

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Thank you,
Laura, Editor EDUcatering magazine